CORPORATE Reflexology
I offer mobile Reflexology from Malibu to Torrance (coastal cities) and Santa Monica to Hollywood
Increase office productivity, reduce stress, sick days, increase morale.
Weekly visits with your staff. 
3 staff members per hour /20 min Ear service

Comfort Care, Hospice, or Palliative Care
Patients have identified relaxation, relief from tension and anxiety, feelings of comfort and improved well-being as beneficial effects of their course of reflexology

The Heart Touch Project provides compassionate, therapeutic touch to those who are medically fragile or at the end of life, providing a profound experience and a tremendous gift - both to the patient and therapist. 

ADD Aromatherapy 
Incorporating Essential oils with reflexology sessions enhances the experience. 
Certified Aromatherapist 
Infused massage oil: $20.00
Diffused during session: $10.00
Infused and diffused: $15.00  (most potent)

Introductory offer
Experience what reflexology truly can do for you. Your First visit is feet,hands and ears for $100.00


Restore who you are

​     Restoration targets your specific needs, Manzanres Method is utilized .This specific method is utilized to reset from physical and emotional imbalance, alleviating the symptoms of many common ailments​,  A comprehensive intake will be the guide to a foot and Auricular protocol that is created specifically for you.  A commitment of 90 minutes  per session, 2  sessions per week for 1 month is required. 


Feet l Ears           2 Weekly:  $400   l Month : $1600

      ​Must be used within a 4 week period, no refunds.

Reflexology Services


​Must be used in allotted time frame
        Rejuvenate to your core

Release tension from the inside out, when Flocco method is utilized. By using a low- impact, methodical system of micro movements on the feet, hands and ears: 

1 time per week feet l hands l ears

Weekly $150 l Bi-monthly $300 l Monthly $600
          2  times a week of feet/hands/ears
        Weekly: $260   |   Bi-monthly: $500  |   Monthly: $900
        3 times a week of feet/hands/ears
        Weekly: $390   |   Bi-monthly: $760  |  Monthly: $1,400

Ears: (25 mins) $60
Feet, Hands and Ears (most effective):  (1.5 hours) $150


Call or text for an appointment  1.323.428.8946